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[1] Float Level Switch :-
The Float Level Switch are made of moulded Chemical resistant polypropylene,It is low-cost, and specially designed to solve the long distance, multi-points level detection, works with liquid with particles or granules. Work with any kind of Water – Hard –Soft –Acidic –Clear –Dirty with solid Waste. The switch  have ON or OFF Contact which switches when Liquid  level goes from Low to High, It memorizes for the typical adjusted variation below the TOP SET Level and Switches back when liquid reaches the Bottom Level.


  • No Conduction through Water – no Electrolysis – No scaling.
  • Sealed Micro Switch as contact output, switching capacity 5A/250VAC.
  • Hard rubber cable is lasting and can be used in any climate.
  • Simple & Easy construction, No maintenance.
  • Can be applied in Waste water / Pure water for Control
  • Cable length is adjustable.
  • Electronic controller available for Higher Current Switching.
  • Sequence Controller for Automation – Automatic control.
  • Special Flange mounting available.
  • Height adjustment Rods available.
[2] Automatic Tank and pump control system :-

VIDYUT'S “TANKATROL”series of Levels Control for tanks are the only type manufactured in India at present which provides high frequency  AC for the signal by impendence matching.

The system is very efficient and has premium advantage that the probes are not itched or corroded at all. Thus no maintenance is required and the life of the unit is very long. A special control is also provided such that if the motor is started but the flow is not there after 30-60sec.,the pump will stop automatically which will prevent dry running of the pump and motor burning thereby. A further specialty of TANKATROL units is that level indications in the top and bottom tank can also be given optional so the operator knows how much water is there in both the tanks and he has got a control to set i.e. level he wants to start or stop the pump. This is useful when from top tank every time.

- electronic hooter fully solid state with high sound output low power input specially for control panels annunciation
  • 3 different tones selectable independently
  • Input supply AC-230V,110V,48V,24V,12V
  • Input supply DC 48V,24V,12V,6V
  • 96x96 din size front panel mounting
Engineering plastic moulded encloser.
VIDYUT single phasing preventer model SSP, 3 is a unit using the combined principal of Voltage sensing and Current sensing to determine the Single phase in a 3 phase circuit. This prevents the motor running in a single phase due to any of the fault Phase failure, loose connections etc. the Indications are provided to know whether the motor is drawing  the  current in all 3 phase or not. The unit Is housed in a metal enclosure with base mounting facility. The single unit can control motor from 1 HP to 50 HP. Potential free contact of 230 VAC, 5 amps, is provided for the output for connecting in the trip circuit .

Large area annunciator windows have been designed for control panel applications to indicate RYB phases or for annunciation of faults. Standard modules available in 3x 1 for 3x2 formats. When used with VIDYUT electronic flasher it can give 3 states of indications of OFF, FLASHING & STEADY ON the legend plates can be printed or negatives can be supplied as per the requirements.


Solid state electronic flasher specially developed for control panel applications where the indicating lamps are required to be flashed. It can be attached to  any indicating bulb with heavy duty terminals, requires small space, for AC-440V, 230V, 110V, 48V,24V,12V.

All products mentioned here can be customized according to requirements.
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