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Remote level measurement :-

VIDYUT INDUSTRIES is in the field of Controlling Level and its indication for many years with a wide type of equipments. VIDYUT Equipments has been used by a variety of customers from Irrigation Department for Dam, Reservoir, Level Indication and control, Municipal Corporations, Gram Panchayat, as well as domestic and commercial industries for controlling the levels.  The Sensors for each application are of different types with option to choose as per requirement

For a Dam Lake level indication and control :-

Float and counter weight :

Stainless Steel Float and Counter Weight with Nylon Rope and Aluminum Pulley are used.

The float is suspended in the gauge well and it follows the changes of waterlevel,which in turns moves the alluminium pulley.The Aluminum Pulley is mounted on heavy duty shaft rotatingin sealed Ball Bearings. At the other end of the shaft , sensor is mounted which converts the rotational movements into signals, which are processed into Receiver cum Converter and transmitted to a Digital Level Indicator.

It gives reading proportional to the level even if there is no power as it is backed up by battery supply.

If control is required to fill the lake at the desired level the signals are transmitted to the Controlling Equipment Panel. This panel processes the signals and opens or closes the outlet Gates as necessary.

Stainless Steel Diaphragm Type :

The Water level creates pressures proportional to the level on one side of the diaphragm and  generates the signals. These signals are transmitted to the receiver cum converter by wires where they are processed and fed to the Level indicator and if required to the Controlling Equipment.  The Diaphragm is sealed and water tight enclosed in SS enclosure which is suspended or fitted at the bottom of the lake.

Encoder Type Level Reading Instrument:

In this type incremental signals created positive for increasing levels and negative for the decreasing levels. By the rotation movement created in the shaft. These signals are sent to the Receiver cum converter where they are processed and transmitted to the level reading instrument. The reading can be in Cms. or in mm with accuracy    of + 3 units for a level change of 100 Mtrs.

Ultrasonic Ray Type Sensor:

The rays are directed from top of the Dam bridge, which when reflected by the water surface, is received. The time difference between transmission and receiving of the waves is calculated and based on that level is computed. These signals are fed to the Level Reading Instrument.


The Water Level is Displayed on Digital Display or can be Logged in Computer or Printer & Can be Transmitted Through Fiber Optic Cable or through wireless network to Remote Site. GSM Interface Facilitate trasmission to any where in the world Display and Information.

All products mentioned here can be customized according to requirements.
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